I’m going to host a big Civilization V Game! It’s going to be open to up to 22 players (myself included).

When: 21 October, 2017 starting at noon. The lobby will open at 11:30 and the game will continue until completion.

If you want to play, email bambi@forestfriends.site and you’ll be added to the list. We’ll use Discord for voice chat, so you’ll need to have an account set up, and we’ll connect via Steam. When you send your email, please include the Civilizations that you want to play; see the sheet below to see which ones have already been selected.

View the Civilization Selection Sheet here!

Game Options

Game Name: Bambi’s Game
City-States: 2x the Number of Players
Map Type: Pangaea Plus
Map Size: Depends on Number of Players
Game Pace: Standard
Game Era: Ancient Era
Turn Mode: Simultaneous
World Age: 4 Billion Years
Temperature: Temperate
Rainfall: Normal
Sea Level: Low
Resources: Standard

Victory Types: All

Advanced Game Options

Turn Timer: 180 seconds
Allow Policy Saving
Allow Promotion Saving
Quick Combat
Quick Movement


Mongolia, Spain and Inca, Polynesia, Denmark, Korea, Ancient Wonders, Conquest Deluxe, Babylon, Explorers Map Pack, Gods & Kings, Brave New World