Episode 11: Canadian Politics and Too Much Anime

Show Notes

An old Viking hall found in Scotland, the Canadian Green Party has an idea for getting Oil & Gas workers to support renewables, a marathon runner is wholesome, and Papa John’s got your back.

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Viking Hall in Scotland

The Video of the Archaeological Dig (there was just one)

We Can’t Find the Subreddit for Abandoned Minecraft Servers

Green Party’s Plan to Transition Oil & Gas Workers to Renewables

Canada’s House of Commons

Canadian Jacqueline Gareau forgives Rosie Ruiz for cheating her at the Boston Marathon

Yowamushi Pedal Manga

The Best Headline / Article Poll on Twitter!

  • Pawn gets Critical Hit in Chess Match
  • A bear somehow fell onto a moving Police car, then things got really weird
  • Toronto man steals his own bike back after it goes missing at GO station

Family Sends Pizza Delivery Man to Check on Grandma After Hurricane

Cool Motorcycle Stuff