Episode 16: Searching for Immortality

Show Notes

Hiraen tells us about the development of more affordable violin strings that are also a handy murder tool and Bambi talks about the persistent dream of celebrity that we all hold so close. Special Guest Host Ood Gallifrey from Occultae Veritatus brings the discovery of Exoplanets and the hope for more and better life.

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Violin Strings Link 1 Link 2

Jacob Sheep

Amati, Stradivarius, and Guarneri are old violin makers

The pancakes were wonderful

Bambi’s Tweet about a Song

Not the Glockenspiel

Gunslinger Girl

Speaking to the Oracle

Exoplanet Timeline

Vexillology Subreddit

The Most Recent Exoplanet (K2-18b)

Winnie Ewing Reconvenes Scottish Parliament