Episode 19: Vegan Ascendancy

Show Notes

Arthur tells us about the USA planning to legalize weed, Hiraen talks about new anti-stick toilets being developed, and Bambi wants you to know that you don’t need to concern yourself with other peoples’ dietary choices. Jackie also mentions that Saskatoon will soon have a safe-injection site.

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The United States Plans to Federally Change Regulations on Marijuana

How the United States Congress Works

Saskatoon Safe Injection Siteis almost ready to open

Engineers at Penn State Develop Non-Stick Toilets

Bristol Stool Chart

Poop Knife Story on Reddit

You don’t have to care about what other people are eating.

A&W’s Chicken Guarantee

A&W’s Beef: Raised without Added Hormones or Steroids

Pineview Farms

Superbug Resistant to Last Resort Antibiotic Arises in China