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Show Notes

It’s 2020! Bambi, Arthur, and Archer have gathered to discuss the new year, their methods for collecting news, and some satirical articles. Archer brings the news of a royal departure and Arthur brings the news that yet another former-Soviet country is changing its writing system to the Latin alphabet.

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Arthur’s News List

Bambi’s News List

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Plan to Leave the UK PageSix (for some reason) BBC

There’s a whole website about the UK Royal Family

Angostura Bitters

From what I can tell, Earl is a bit of an outdated title but a Lady who holds an Earldom would be a Countess and would be addressed as Lady [name]

Prince Harry’s Full Name

Satirical News

Link to Twitter

Werner Egk

Kazakhstan Changing its Alphabet from Cyrillic to Latin

Kazakh Latin Alphabet